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Jennifer Hicks –

Psychic and Spiritual Medium

When Jennifer was sixteen, she began picking up information psychically--and out of the blue! "I was surprised about it, but I went on with my life", she says. "I was also afraid to tell anyone what was going on. I thought that psychics were 'other people'."

All of that changed one fateful night when Jennifer was 21. While walking back alone to her college apartment, she was jumped by a rapist. "My psychic ability saved my life and prevented me from being raped. I kept hearing psychically what the attacker was going to do, and to figure out what my next move should be." Although the rapist tried to strangle her, she successfully fought him off---and he ran away.

Her natural ability continued to increase dramatically, and she started having mediumistic experiences. In a frightening twist of fate, she began to spontaneously receive information about criminals who were on the run--their location, aliases and occupations.

"I thought I was losing my mind, and I was angry that this was happening to me. But then I realized that everything was happening for a reason. I came so close to losing my life that night. I know what it's like to have someone's hands on your throat, trying to snuff out your life. As a result, I have tremendous compassion for victims of violent crimes and their loved ones."

Even though she was keeping her unique ability a secret from everyone, she felt that she was meant to do something positive and empowering with the information she was receiving. Overcoming her reluctance to keep her psychic skills under wraps, she went to the FBI 20 years ago and passed on information to them, which turned out to be correct!

Jennifer now does readings for the general public in addition to criminal work. She does not need to be in front of someone to do her work; a telephone connection is all that is needed. She has done telephone consultations with people in Australia, the Middle East, Canada and the Caribbean from her home on the East Coast.

Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships




Career: New Opportunities and Promotion

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

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